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2024 Survivor Leadership Grantee

Congratulations to Mazahar Miha on being awarded the 2024 Survivor Leadership Program Grant! Your resilience and dedication to advocating against modern slavery are truly inspiring. We are excited to support your journey and look forward to seeing the impact of your project. You can read more about his incredible initiative below.

My Project

Mazahar Miya, based in Sydney, Australia, is a passionate advocate committed to ending modern slavery, resonating deeply with the Empowerment Collective's mission. As a survivor of forced labor and extreme poverty, Mazahar's experiences have fueled a determination to assist others in similar situations and drive change in the world. He plans to use the Survivor Leadership Fellowship to amplify his voice as a public speaker and advocate, sharing his personal journey and educating others about the realities of modern slavery. Mazahar's proposed project, "Empowerment through Fair Exchange," aims to support the Empowerment Collective by selling hand-crafted, fair-trade products from Nepal in Australian retail stores. This initiative seeks to raise awareness and funds, educating the public on modern slavery while promoting survivor empowerment and economic independence. Mazahar is dedicated to actively participating in all aspects of the fellowship, leading his project within the Survivor Leadership Programs, and engaging in advocacy efforts to create systemic change.

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