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2024 Awareness and Education Grantee

Congratulations to Mehjabi Khatoon on being awarded the 2024 Awareness and Education Program Grant! Your resilience and dedication to advocating against modern slavery are truly inspiring. We are excited to support your journey and look forward to seeing the impact of your project. You can read more about his incredible initiative below.

My Project

Mehjabi Khatoon, an activist and journalist from the border regions of India and Nepal, leads "Voices Unchained," an initiative dedicated to documenting the harsh realities of modern slavery. Through in-depth interviews with survivors, educational workshops, and the development of an online resource platform, Mehjabi aims to expose socio-economic factors perpetuating slavery and influence policy changes. Her project also focuses on strengthening community awareness and legal protections against labor exploitation. Committed to ongoing advocacy, Mehjabi works with local and international NGOs to extend the reach and impact of her efforts, fostering sustainable dialogue and encouraging actionable change against global slavery issues.

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