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2024 Youth Visionary Grantee

Congratulations to Amna Falek on being awarded the 2024 Youth Visionary Program Grant! Your resilience and dedication to advocating against modern slavery are truly inspiring. We are excited to support your journey and look forward to seeing the impact of your project. You can read more about her incredible initiative below.

My Project

Amna Falak, a student and activist from Kathmandu, Nepal, is eager to end modern slavery through an educational program called the TransparaTrade initiatives in her community. She is awarded for the Youth Visionary Fellowship Award with a project aimed at raising awareness among her peers about the impacts of modern slavery. Amna plans to create informative videos and conduct presentations at her school to discuss the importance of ethical consumption and how it can prevent modern slavery. Her project intends to demonstrate how purchasing products made ethically supports fair labor practices and contributes to combating exploitation. By educating her classmates about the significance of their choices and showcasing ethically produced goods, Amna hopes to empower her peers to make informed decisions that contribute to a fairer world. She is committed to utilizing the fellowship's resources to maximize the impact of her efforts in promoting a more just global community.

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