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2024 Cultural Arts Preservation Grantee

Congratulations to Chandani Shaikh on being awarded the 2024 Cultural Arts Preservation Program Grant! Your resilience and dedication to advocating against modern slavery are truly inspiring. We are excited to support your journey and look forward to seeing the impact of your project. You can read more about his incredible initiative below.

My Project

Chandani Shaikh is dedicated to preserving the traditional handloom crafts of the border areas between India and Nepal through her project, which involves traveling to villages to learn from artisans and documenting their techniques through videos and photos. She highlights the importance of these crafts in maintaining community strength and economic independence, helping to keep artisans out of exploitative factory conditions often linked to modern slavery. By showcasing the beauty and value of these traditional crafts to a global audience, Chandani aims to promote cultural preservation and support the sustainability of local communities.

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