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Invitations to Action

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EC connects with Chicago’s Whitney Young High School Global Development students and faculty. 2023

Awareness   Inspiration   Action   Transformation

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EC Founder and co-director Nasreen Sheikh (left) and Capstone student and EC collaborator, Jennifer Heyside

Empowering Young Leaders

inspiration ✵ mentorship ✵ activism

Youth Visionaries

Being a young leader can feel lonely in today’s world. Empowerment Collective invites young leaders from around the world to connect, collaborate and build their collective strength. Youth Visionaries support one another in their individual and shared missions to create change.

Educational Collaborations

Empowerment Collective collaborates with students, schools, colleges and universities to raise awareness of modern slavery. Through research, the development of campaigns, ethical consumption programming and advocacy we grow our impact and global understanding of modern slavery.

Speaking Engagements

Invite Nasreen Sheikh to speak at your events and share the impact of Empowerment Collective Initiatives and EC stories. 


EC staff, board members, volunteers and supporters are invited to collaborate with us and help raise awareness about our mission and vision. 


Together we can build a speakers package to inspire your community to connect, create and collaborate in joining the movement to a world woven in community. 

Youth Theatre

Nasreen Sheikh and Ann Boyd first met when they collaborated on writing How The Light Gets In: The true story of one woman’s journey from survivor of modern slavery to social entrepreneur, a short play incorporating movement, song, story, and biography.

Empowering Communities

connection ✵ expansion ✵ community building

Personalized Gift Packages

We welcome all businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations to work with us in creating custom gift sets that reflect your values. Our gift sets are a great way to build stronger relationships with both the artisans that make them and the people who receive them.

Home Events

Over the last year, Empowerment Collective board members and supporters hosted events in their homes to raise awareness, network, fundraise, and celebrate EC. Together, we build community, solidarity and the power to create meaningful change. 

Collaborative Events

Our events focus on creativity, interactive experiences, and community building. They are built to give participants a shared sense of purpose and of their own power to take action and create meaningful change in the world. 


Richa Sharma, Whitney Young High School’s Fair Trade Club President, at EC’s interactive art filled event “Threading the Needle” in Chicago.

Photo by Sierra Naomi Erb

EC Prairie Crossing Event 2023-9.jpg

Co-Director Ann Boyd arranges EC handicrafts for a home event.

Empowering Individuals

information ✵ advocacy ✵ fair trade


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Our blog takes the reader into a deeper understanding of world issues, how they are impacting people’s lives and the transformative experiences EC is cultivating.

Become an Advocate

Contribute to the change you want to see by becoming an Empowerment Collective Advocate.:

  • Share Your Voice 
    Learn how to engage your communities with the inspiration and resources you need to put your values into action. Consider hosting an event in your home (see above), engaging EC as a speaker or collaborative partner for your organization’s next event or inviting your friends, family and community to join our mailing list. 

Donate today:

Support our vision of a world where every person is free to fulfill their potential. Become a one-time or monthly donor by contributing as little as $10 a month, and create the financial stability that allows us to grow our impact.


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