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Nepal Initiatives

Artisans Weave as part of Process of developing Yoga Mat .JPG

Empowerment Collective artisans weave yoga mats, Terai, Nepal, 2020

Skills Training .jpg

EC Artisan in the process of cutting material for face masks, Kathmandu, Nepal 2021

Empowering Women

self confidence ✵ creative skills ✵ community

From Woman to Women

Our one-day programs teach women about gender equality. We celebrate the successes of women locally and internationally, offer accessible, actionable materials and resources, and have open talks about challenges specific to women in Nepal and India. Our programs are built with community in mind, focusing on the ongoing effort and support that building empowerment requires.

From Laborer to Artisan

Transitioning from a life of domestic or sweatshop labor to becoming a skilled, empowered artisan requires dedication and patience. In our Laborer to Artisan program, women can choose a specialty and sharpen their artisanship skills. Participants train for one to six months, gaining knowledge and practical experience in sewing, design, cutting, weaving, maintaining the tools of their chosen trade and more.

From Artisan to Entrepreneur

In our one to four year Artisan to Entrepreneur program, women learn how to turn their skills into a business to help them expand quality of life for themselves, their families, and their communities. When artisans graduate from the program, they have the ability to make beautiful and well made  products that can be sold around the world, start their own local business, and work for companies that pay fair wages. Fully trained artisans can also choose to become EC mentors and inspire the next generation of makers.

Empowering Youth

education ✵ self expression ✵ creativity

Creative Learning Kits

The most vulnerable children in Nepal and India attend schools that are critically underfunded. Our Creative Learning Kits give students a year's worth of essential school supplies - all of which are sourced from local shops and contribute to local economies. Each hemp backpack, pencil case, and water bottle holder is handmade by Empowerment Collective artisans using traditional crafts and local, sustainable materials. 

Student Sponsorships

Empowerment Collective supports youth aged 6 to 18 with tuition, uniforms, books, and transportation to attend school. Through providing access to educational opportunities, we're supporting individual youth, their families, and their communities.

Coming Soon - School Library Program

EC education girl.JPG

Young woman supported with our Creative Learning Kit studies in rural Nepal, 2022

Girls with Wellness Kits.jpg

Girls in rural Nepal receiving their health & wellness kits. 2022

Empowering Communities

knowledge ✵ wellness ✵ collaboration

Health Education

Empowerment Collective partners with local nurses to raise awareness and address regional stigmas that ostracize menstruating women. We create and distribute resources to help women and their communities learn about hygiene, nutrition, and reproductive health. 


Women’s Wellness Kits

Empowerment Collective artisans design and craft Women's Wellness Kits to provide rural women with ease and comfort during menstruation. The kits allow women of all ages to attend school and live daily life with confidence during their cycle.


In all of our education and health programs, we build collaboration with local schools, businesses, and NGOs to create powerful, transformative impact - collectively.

Empowering in Times of Crisis

As a small grassroots organization Empowerment Collective values our capacity to respond in times of crisis quickly and efficiently. Our team is able to pivot and connect personally with people on the ground to meet the specific needs of individuals, families and communities. Our emergency relief kits vary accordingly, but can include rice, beans, spices, clean drinking water, water purification tablets, medicine as needed, clothing, blankets, shelter materials, soap, toothbrushes, sanitary supplies, first aid kits, flashlights and thermometers. We have supported people in times of earthquake, flooding, pandemic and social unrest.

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