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Artisan Feature: Narayni Aryal

Narayni Aryal is a Nepali woman who has experienced many aspects of Modern Slavery. Modern Slavery “covers a set of specific legal concepts including forced labor, debt bondage, forced marriage, slavery and slavery-like practices and human trafficking.” (from Fashion production is modern slavery: 5 things you can do to help now. Learn her inspiring story that began with meeting EC founder Nasreen Sheikh following the devastating Nepal earthquake of 2015 and how Narayni has now become a successful EC mentor and entrepreneur in her own right.

Nasreen Sheikh beside Narayni Aryal and two of her EC mentors.

EC founder and co-director, Nasreen Sheikh met Narayni working with a collaborative aid team in response to the devastating M7.8 earthquake that struck Kathmandu in 2015. The team provided support and medication for Narayni that finally addressed a lifelong health condition.

As the months passed, Narayni continued to seek aid. This became an opportunity for us to offer a deeper form of support. Nasreen invited Narayni to become part of our skills training program. Narayni chose to empower herself and she has achieved skills that will sustain her for a lifetime.

Today Narayni is an EC mentor and professional weaver. She makes beautiful yoga mats and hand woven accessories. Narayni’s artistry has allowed her to buy a buffalo and two cows. Her small dairy continues to grow, offering her additional resources and providing milk to her local community.

Narayni is a vibrant part of life at our Empowerment Centers. She brings joy to her work, and inspires us all with her love of dance and folk songs. This is just one example of how EC empowers women, building their resilience and capacity to thrive. See Narayni’s and other EC artisan’s beautifully made wares at: EmpoweringLocalWomen - Etsy

Narayni Aryal, weaves wild harvested hemp thread on our traditional one hundred year old loom.

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