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International Women's Day

This International Women's Day, we're taking a moment to celebrate our journey since 2008 towards ending modern slavery. Local Women's Handicrafts and the Empowerment Collective are dedicated to empowering the most vulnerable women and girls in our communities in Nepal and rural Bihar.

Through survivor-led leadership and quality skill-building, we're not just dreaming of a world where every woman can be financially independent and make her own choices - we're creating it. This year, on March 8th, 2024, International Women’s Day, we celebrated how we are including the most excluded voices of women and girls. Here are a few faces that inspire us every day to inspire inclusion.

🌷 Here are 3 actions YOU can take to protect women's and girls' rights in your community:

1. Educate & Empower: Share knowledge and resources about women’s rights and financial independence. Host workshops or create online forums to educate women and girls in your community.

2. Support Survivor-Led Initiatives: Amplify the voices of survivors by supporting their leadership and initiatives. Whether it's a local business or a community project, your support can make a huge difference.

3. Create Safe Spaces: Advocate for and establish safe spaces where women and girls can share, learn, and grow together. From community centers to online groups, these spaces are crucial for support and empowerment.

Join us in our mission to build more equality, peace, and #inspireinclusion. Every action counts as we protect and empower every woman and girl in our community.

WATCH OUR EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY - International Women’s Day - An Empowerment Collective Virtual Celebration

"Echoes of Inspiration" is an exclusive documentary that immerses viewers in a community's cultural and spiritual rebirth. The film showcases traditional music and dance, leads through a behind-the-scenes of our work and shares the transformative stories of local artisans overcoming adversity. A central moment is the interactive puja ceremony, symbolizing the release of the past and the embrace of future aspirations. The narrative is further enriched by the empowering testimonies of international women leaders, illustrating a global tapestry of resilience and hope. This film offers a profound journey through tradition, transformation, and the universal quest for empowerment.

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