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Introducing Our 2024 Board


As we embrace the start of 2024, we at Empowerment Collective's are filled with hope and renewed energy in our relentless efforts to end modern slavery. This year marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we're excited to share with you the changes and plans ahead.

Introducing Our 2024 Board: Empowering Inspiration in Every Team Member.

We are thrilled to announce our board member for 2024. Our commitment to innovation and inclusivity in solving the complexities of modern slavery. In a pioneering move, we've welcomed aboard individuals who have not just survived modern slavery but have thrived beyond it—Nasreen Sheikh, Sana Parveen, Rubina Banu, Irshad Begam, and Rita Kumari Ram. Their courage, resilience, and firsthand insights are now at the heart of our strategy, promising to steer our efforts in more impactful directions.

Celebrating Our Heroes: Gratitude for Unwavering Support.

Our journey has been rich with the support of many, and as we look forward, we pause to extend our deepest gratitude to Beth Ann Fishberg, Jessica Mackinnon, Kristin Pospeschil, Ann Boyd, Bruce Boyd, Simone Boutet, Laura Rose, and many others. Their dedication, expertise, and compassion have been instrumental in building a strong foundation for our mission. Their legacy inspires us as we continue to strive for a world free of modern slavery.

Looking Ahead: Empowerment, Advocacy, and Change.

With our new board leading the mission of Empowerment Collective is set to provide advocacy, economic opportunities and create a world where every Individual is free to live a life of dignity and opportunity. We're not just challenging stereotypes and barriers; we're working to transform them into stepping stones towards empowerment and leadership for survivors. Our focus remains on advocating for ethical practices and policies, providing survivors with the tools for economic independence, and fostering a global community united to end modern slavery.

Join Us in This Mission

Your support has always been symbol of empowerment. As we begin on this exciting chapter, we invite you to join us in welcoming our 2024 board members and to continue standing with us in our mission to #EmpowerSurvivors and #EndModernSlavery.

Stay tuned for updates on our projects, events, and ways you can get involved. Here's to a transformative year ahead—#NewBeginnings2024.


With gratitude and hope,

Empowerment Collective.

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