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Update from Nepal: Spring 2023 Health & Wellness Program for Young Women

Changing lives through educational empowerment and resources

Empowerment Collective, under the guidance of Nasreen Sheikh, was selected as a 2022 winner of the Lead 2030 Challenge Asahi Europe and International to accelerate EC’s growing impact on women and children in Nepal and India. In 2022 we provided day long health education programs and delivered 1200 Health and Wellness Kits to young women and girls in rural underserved communities in Nepal.

Each of Empowerment Collective’s Health and Wellness Kits contain: two EC artisan made sustainable pad holders and five inserts, a waterproof purse, nail cutters, a thermometer, two pairs of underwear all in an EC artisan made cotton drawstring bag.The materials not made at our Empowerment Centers are locally sourced and help support local economies.

Empowerment Collective partnered with local leaders, community-based NGOs, local schools, businesses, nurses and volunteers to provide quality education and Health and Wellness Kits and day long programming.

Our full day workshop is fun, interactive, and supports young women and girls in understanding and caring for their own bodies, their reproductive health and the importance of menstrual hygiene. Our program builds confidence and leadership skills empowering young women to attend school when they are on their cycle. These young women become role models for their peers and their communities in the underserved, rural communities we serve in Nepal.

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