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Volunteer Application

For the Empowerment Collective's mission to end modern slavery through survivor-led and circular leadership models, a diverse group of professional volunteers is essential. Each brings unique expertise and perspectives that can enhance the collective's impact. Here's a list of professional volunteers beneficial to the work of the Empowerment Collective, including specific roles and expertise areas, please use the form below to submit a resume and cover leter for volunteer consideration.

Human Rights Lawyers

  Experience: Specializing in human rights, labor laws, and international law to provide legal guidance, advocate for policy changes, and support survivors.

Policy Makers
  Experience: Involved in legislative processes, capable of influencing and drafting laws and policies that combat modern slavery and protect survivors.

Government Officials
  Experience: Positions in local, national, or international government agencies focused on human rights, labor, and social services to facilitate partnerships and access resources.

Military Veterans
  Experience: With backgrounds in peacekeeping and security, they can offer insights into combatting trafficking networks and providing safety protocols for the organization and survivors.

Activists and Advocates
Experience: Dedicated to human rights, anti-slavery campaigns, or social justice movements, able to raise awareness, mobilize community action, and lead grassroots campaigns.

Humanitarians and NGO Workers
   Experience: With extensive fieldwork in crisis regions, providing aid, support, and development programs, they bring a deep understanding of the complexities of modern slavery and survivor needs.

Social Workers
  Experience: Specializing in trauma-informed care, rehabilitation, and counseling to support the psychological well-being and social integration of survivors.

Researchers and Academics
  Experience: Focused on slavery, human trafficking, economics, or sociology, contributing knowledge, data analysis, and evidence-based strategies to the collective's work.

Media and Communication Professionals
Experience: Skilled in storytelling, public relations, and digital media, able to amplify the collective's message and engage a wider audience.

Corporate Executives and Entrepreneurs
  Experience: From ethical businesses, offering expertise in sustainable business practices, employment opportunities for survivors, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Medical Professionals
Experience: Doctors, nurses, and mental health practitioners who can provide medical care, mental health support, and wellness programs for survivors.

Educators and Trainers
Experience: Capable of developing educational programs, vocational training, and empowerment workshops for survivors and communities.

Technology Experts
  Experience: Specializing in cybersecurity, data protection, or innovative tech solutions to support the organization's operations and protect sensitive information.

Financial Advisors and Accountants
  Experience: To ensure financial transparency, manage funds, and guide the collective in sustainable financial practices.

Artists and Cultural Workers
  Experience: Utilizing art, music, and cultural projects to heal, raise awareness, and promote the empowerment of survivors.



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