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About Us

Empowering Inspiration in Every Team Member

Empowerment Collective's unique board and team structure, comprising survivors and individuals with lived experiences, is purposefully designed to foster a culture of integrity and honor, inspiring every team member to passionately serve and make a meaningful impact in the movement to end modern slavery.


Our Story

Empowerment Collective, founded by Nasreen Sheikh, a survivor of modern slavery, stands as a inspiring force in the global movement to end modern slavery now. Our unique structure, comprising survivors and individuals with lived experiences, infuses every action with integrity and honor, inspiring our team to effect meaningful change. By empowering survivors towards economic independence and leadership, challenging stereotypes, and advocating for ethical practices and policies. Empowerment Collective not only transforms individual lives but also shapes societal norms, driving us closer to a world where freedom and dignity are inalienable human rights.

Our Board & Team

 Allies Learning Program Coming Soon

A d v i s o r y   P a r t n e r s

The advisory partners of Empowerment Collective are pivotal in our mission, and we deeply appreciate their belief in the power of survivor-led organizations. At Empowerment Collective, we provide our advisory partners with a unique opportunity to be part of something groundbreaking. By supporting our efforts, they play a crucial role in propelling survivors of modern slavery into leadership roles, offering mentorship that helps these brave individuals become agents of global change. This collaborative approach not only aids in the fight to end modern slavery but also fosters an environment of empowerment and innovation.

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