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Dear friends,

Today is March 8th International Women's Day.

As a supporting member of our community, you are invited to watch an exclusive film. Enjoy curated traditional musical and festive dance presentations. Join in a private behind-the-scenes tour of Local Women’s Handicrafts Center. Meet our talented local artisans and hear their transformational stories. Experience a powerful interactive puja – a spiritual ceremony to release the past, and welcome in your new highest aspirations. Be uplifted and fortified by inspiring international women leaders… and much more nourishing goodness!

Big thank you to all the amazing resilient women featured in this film: Nasreen Sheikh, Grace Forrest, Daniela Caine, Britta Cabanos, Claire Dale, Madhu Vaishnav, Olena Rabitcheva, Ani Dolma Lhamu...and Local Women's Handicrafts Women.


If you feel moved by our film please share with your family and friends this link so they can purchase their access to the film. Thank you!

In Gratitude, Solidarity, & Action,
Empowerment Collective Team

International Women’s Day - An Empowerment Collective Virtual Celebration

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