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Youth Visionary Program

Empowerment Collective's Youth Visionary Programs are dedicated to engaging and nurturing the next generation of leaders in the movement to end modern slavery. These programs provide young people with the tools, knowledge, and platforms to develop innovative solutions and advocate for change. Focused on education, awareness, and leadership development, these initiatives aim to inspire and empower youth to take an active role in shaping a more equitable and just future.

Program Qualifications 1a

Applicants must show a educated understanding of Empowerment Collectives Mission and Vision

Program Qualifications 1c

The applicant must be a survivor of modern slavery. This includes individuals who have personally experienced any form of modern slavery, such as human trafficking, forced labor, debt bondage, or similar exploitative situations.

Program Qualifications 1e

The applicant may also be a person who has had extensive hands-on experience working with survivors or people with lived experiences of modern slavery. This includes professionals, advocates, or volunteers who have dedicated significant time and effort in support roles, providing assistance, counseling, or other forms of direct aid to survivors.

Program Qualifications 1b

Applicants should be young individuals (please define the age range, e.g., 12-25 years old).

Program Qualifications 1d

 The applicant can be a person with lived experiences of modern slavery. This encompasses individuals who, while not directly subjected to modern slavery themselves, have close personal experiences related to it, such as family members or significant others who have been affected.

Program Qualifications 1f

Demonstrate a willingness to develop and share innovative ideas to end modern slavery.

Apply for the Youth Visionary Fellowship

Please ensure to download and thoroughly read the Youth Visionary Outline PDF prior to completing and submitting your application, as it contains important information and guidelines that are essential for a successful submission.

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